DM vs. Legacy bearing

is the stock dm bearing and the stock legacy bearing the same thing? just wondering if it would benefit me to change the bearing in my legacy.

The stock DM is usually lubed, and the stock Legacy bearing is cleaned.

mine where exactly the same.

they are the same thing but there is a difference in stock response. my Legacy came stock unresponive. My Dark Magic came unresposive as can be but I bought it at a place where they come unresponcive.

I found that the Legacy was so unresponsive due to the recessed silicone response system that I didn’t need to change the bearing. I did clean and thin-lube it thou to get more spin time. I bet a KonKave bearing would help with the DM because it has a narrower gap, and the response isn’t recessed.

I Love the Legacy, but you need to be able to bind really well before you can use it!

your exactly right about binding the legacy. i can bind pretty well considering i haven’t been yoyoing but for about 3 weeks, but i am still having a time with it. i can’t figure out how to double or triple bind it for some reason. its not a problem with a fast spin, but with a slow spin i still can’t get it up sometimes. (its like a bad viagra!!! just won’t get up!) i put a konkave in my dm and love it but i do like the unresponsiveness of the legacy.

On the contrary, I’m quite sure that YYJ puts the same bearing in all their yo-yos (besides the different sizes) without cleaning them.

~yo! shi!

the bearings in the legacy and dark magic are exactly the same, change them between each other and you will not notice a difference

Actually, no, thats incorrect. André informed us, that the Legacys came with cleaned bearings. DM’s, on the other hand, are not cleaned.

Notice, he is saying stock. Right out of the box, the Legacy bearing is much better then the DM bearing.