DM Alterations

What alterations are recomended for the dm right out of the box. i have heard that koncave bearings are always good to have, but is their a downside? Same goes for Silicone response, what is it exacly and what are the downsides to it? I know it all comes down to prefrence eventually, but what are the pros and cons of those, and other reconmended pieces. Currently i am trying to learn the advanced section, but i would like to have pieces that will last me longest. what i mean by that is the best of the best, ill adjust if i don’t know how to properly use it, i just want to know what will allow me to have the best string trick dm their can be

KonKave and Ceramic KonKave bearings will increase your sleep time, but they cost a lot and will make your DM unresponsive. If you WANT it unresponsive but don’t want to drop 15 bills on a bearing, buy some Shims. Response is completely preference. Since the DM uses a Hybrid response, you won’t be able to put in stickers/pads, but you can take out the O-Ring and put in flowable silicone. However, if you’ve never done that before, I would not recommend trying on a $50 yoyo.

There aren’t any downsides to KK bearings as far as I know.

Silicone is a great response, and it provides great unresponsiveness while maintaining tight binds. The only downside is that you will have to replace it.

I would stick with it stock,if you want to get a better bearing,go ahead,but if you want to be safe,dont mod the response,there have been lots of horror stories about this

I agree, stick with the stock response. I don’t know about the horror stories though lol.

well it migt not have been specificly with a DMbut there are a few,I remember one about an x-convict

You can scrape off silicone. The downside to silicone is you have to either be really good in judging level of silicone, or break it in. And it takes time. KK bearings cost more, and have no real use for me. I get three minutes with stock bearings.

ok, so the silicone needs to be replaced, and hightens the responsive ness, right?

and the KK bearing costs 15 dollars, and lowers responsive ness, correct?

so to lower responiveness and higher spin time, it would be best to get a kk and ditch the silicone?

oh and one more thing, which strings are good, are the yyEx strings any good, becasue i broke the one that came with my dm this morning and am borrowing a friends…

Ill tell you my DM setup.

KonKave bearing
Siliconed (both sides, i modded it)
Double Red Shims
Empire String

Thats mine. I love it.

Silicone lowers response once it is underneath the groove.

what are emire strings, and red shims?

Empirestrings are strings made by the person we like to call empirestrings. And red shims are used to make the gap wider. Shims can be bought here:

Addment: I am awaiting my strings. Empirestrings, get your strings over to his side of the atlantic!