Modding DM

I am planning to mod my DM, and I’ve got a couple questions. My friend is getting an X-ConVict from YoYoGuy(I tried telling him YYE but its out of stock) and I’m planning to get some accessories to make his order $60(for the $15 of extra stuff, plus no shipping for me! ;D).
Here are my questions-
What size KonKave bearing should I get for a Dark Magic, Size A or C?
What type of silicone should I get?
What size silicone should I get if I get friction stickers? (e.g. .555, Dif-sized)
Is the KonKave bearing noisy?
I’m just asking your opinion on what I should get on my Dark Blue DM.

you should get a size C bearing
its all preference,I like flowable silicone but thats just me
they wont fit on a DM for what I know
it depends,if you get a ceramic it shouldnt be noisy,if you get the steel it will be noisy if it is dry if not it should be fairly quiet

hope this helps!

  1. Size C

  2. Anything that says “100% Silicone” on the bottle

  3. Dif-sized, assuming you’ll put it on the starburst side. Let me give you a quick warning, Dif Pads and 100% Polyester string don’t mix well.

  4. Yes, but thin lube might help quiet it down a little.

  1. You want Size “C” KonKave bearings, available here: In other words, you want the YYJ/YYF choice.

  2. This:

  3. Only get what was in the link. Pads wont work for the DM

  4. From my experience, it is silent stock, but as you break it in it will get noisy, but a little bit of lube can help that :wink:

Yes they do, you can put it on the starburst side if you sand it off. It’s still not a good Idea though.

I’m pretty sure that K-pads can fit in an o-ring groove although they might be too thin.

You need a C bearing, And I prefer Flowable silicone, because you can use it for almost any yoyo. ;Dhttp://;D

As people have said, a size C bearing fits.
Flowable Silicone is very nice and very easy to clean up.
AnY makes something called, “O-Pads” which work very nicely in YYJs.
KonKaves maintain a nice, medium sound (at least the Ceramic ones do), so I do not believe you will encounter many problems with it.