Dixie - Yo-Yo Cases and Accessories | Graphics Designing


Welcome to the Dixie Official Page!  We’re going to be working on custom and unique yo-yo cases, both group and individual styles, so be on the lookout for new styles.

We’re beginning with our very first style, the Duct Tape Case. We’re working on our design currently, but here is our current “material list”


We will update you guys when Case Proto 1 is finished. It’s already in the makings!

We’re hoping to keep these relatively cheap, but different cases when we get different materials will be different prices.

We’re currently expecting these duct tape cases to be:

Orange/Blue: $5
Mustache: $7
Custom: (You tell us what sides are what color) $9

We will be looking into some different yo-yo accessories, and we will keep you guys updated on our progress in development with these as well!

Alright, now for our service! We are offering graphics designing relatively cheap, as compared to most companies.

What we offer:

Logos ($10)
For this, you get as many revisions as you want, and I will work with you to give you the style and design you’re looking for.

http://pinnacleclan.tk/main.html (Logo needs a dark BG to be viewed because of white color)

Signatures/Tags ($6)
As above, I work with you to get what you want. Once you reach a point where you’re happy with the product and “buy it”, unlike the logo, I will not go back and change again for free. Each additional change is $3.


Site Designs ($70)
While I am not offering full coding because of a busy schedule, I can design aspects for your site.
This is quite labor-intensive at times, so I’m charging a much heftier price. This is only for people who need a full site, not just a few items.


Alright well that’s it for now guys!


bump :slight_smile: Case Protos are almost done, going to showcase the orange and mustache first!! :smiley:

Good stuff dude. I do graphic design / Web Development as a second job. You should look into WordPress for your websites. It’s a great platform to design around.

Thanks man.

I used wordpress for my site, hillsideministries.tk

I like it, but it’s not as flexible for my sites, but I’ll try my best to design around anything if that’s what a customer wants.

Proto V1 pic for the orange case!

Now keep in mind this is a proto, and the real cases will be MUCH more cleanly made. This is just to give a general idea of what the cases will look like.


image got rotated somehow… but that is a d on the case, just to show this is my work :slight_smile:

As I said, I can guarantee the final result will be MUCH better than this. I just did this in like 10 minutes, so it’s not that great. But that is a general idea of what it will look like, a small square with a top that goes into a slip on the front.

Also, I’m going to go look for some more types of cases I can use! be on the lookout!

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Thanks much. :slight_smile:

Understand, no prob Vega.

I will update the picture when I get back from church.