iPod box + duct tape and a little creativity...

I’ve been wanting a case for my yoyos, but I have no money. So instead I decided to make one of my own. Here’s what I did…

I used an old iPod box (from back when iPods had B&W displays) for the body of the case.

The handle is made from duct tape, a paperclip and a cufflink.

Open sesame!

I used foam from an extra mattress pad to cushion and hold the yoyos in place.

The color on the sides are a thin foam that I had left over from another project. I used them for color on the outside, and for a little more protection on the inside.

My case actually came out better than expected. I tried to keep the whole case as clean looking as I could while covering most signs of Apple. It holds 8 yoyos of any size and I’m fairly confident about their protection. Let me know what you guys think!!

My next project is making a portable case out of Arizona cans.
This is my current prototype:

I really like the can! Well done

Wow I feel so bad. Why is everyone so creative but me? :stuck_out_tongue:

The can-case isn’t ready for real-world use yet. I’m still experimenting with the design a little. My favorite part about a can design is it’s portability. The next one is going to be made out of an Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea can. I’ve also thought about making one out of a regular Coke can that would only hold two yoyos.

I’m gonna go drink some arizona tea right now… Never thought of that… except, does the metal can ding anything? Like you know where you cut it there’s edges?

I guess you should use some pliers to bend the metal inwards…

Well the inside of the can is covered by that thin colored foam (that just happens to be colored white). Where I cut it you might be able to see that I rolled the edges around a pen or in other areas folded and crimped edges with pliers so that there are no sharp edges.

The yoyos fit pretty sung in there so they don’t move too much. I’m sure they might occasionally tap the rolled area, but not hard enough to do any damage.

I totally dig recycling.

I totally dig yoyos.

So this is pretty awesome! Very creative :slight_smile:

I see… I think a rockstar can would look better… but I normally never buy drinks anyways… so I’m gonna have to wait I guess.

I chose Arizona cuz they have big cans, but now that you mention it many energy drinks have over-sized cans. I wish I had a Rockstar (the yoyo) so I could put in a Rockstar can.

“Yo dawg, I heard you like Rockstars. So we put some Rockstars in your Rockstar so you can be a rockstar with your Rockstar.” :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really creative, I could never think of that. :stuck_out_tongue: Great Job!

Really like the can, my mom drinks that stuff all the time. I was thinking about making a case out of a poster container, but that would more of a stand up thing, and would probably have shelves and a base.

“you can be a rockstar with your rockstar that’s being kept in rockstar” LOLL

EDIT: Just a thought, but can’t you leave the can open? Like instead of fold in fold out? I’ll do it witha coke can… since I don’t have big cans… but I’ll show u guys what I mean…

I thought about making a Case out of a Can about a year ago… I never got to it… You inspired me, and I think I will now! Great job, on both of them.

I REALLY like both of them. Especially the first one. :slight_smile:

i like ur phenom!

Wow, both of these are absolutely brilliant! :smiley:

this is just pure win

win for creativity
win for originality
win for recycling
win for yoyoing

Thanks for the comments everyone! I didn’t expect so much positive feedback. :smiley:

You know that little voice in your head that sometimes goes, “You know what would be really cool? I should do that.” You need to act upon that voice every once and a while. Creativity isn’t something you’re just good at. It’s something you have to work on and practice.