Diving into MSLA 3D printing

So I bought an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer and just finished my first prints.

This is my first attempt at making my own 25mm miniature figure, a Starship Troopers command figure that I modeled myself many years ago. I don’t have any fine detail sanding tools at the moment, so there are lots of support nubs poking out here and there. Moreover, I think that had I used normal resin (I used water-washable resin for this) and an ultrasonic cleaner, more fine details would be visible/clearer. But all in all, I’d say it came out pretty well, especially for a first attempt by a complete resin-printing newbie.


What a fantastic model! Much better than anything I’ve done. I have an Elegoo Mars at school, and I like it. I prefer the eSun resin to the Elegoo stuff. I’ve not used water washable resins. (Mine is set up in a fume hood, so IPA is easy to clean with.)

Awesome print!

The original purpose behind this model, and many dozens of others that go with it, was to render using a toon shader and use the resulting renders as graphics for wargame counters, like this:


It was never modeled to be suitable for 3D printing, so I had to add some support structure to the model here and there before printing it on my Elegoo Mars Pro.

I did, however, render a scene showing what it might look like if it was a HeroClix figure (this render is circa 2003):