Did anyone else hear about the explosion at toontown? I was there yesterday and my mom told me about it.


Yeah, somebody put dry ice in a pop bottle.



Those are fun :):slight_smile: I’ve made a few. Dry ice is expensive though and u need to be 18 to get it. FAIL


I think a bored employee did a dry ice bomb.

Bad idea. Should have carried a yoyo to combat boredom. There are periods where those cart vendors are not selling anything, and then all the sudden they’ll get busy, then slump and surge and slump and surge.

Heading there in November on my annual trip.


Pssshhhht yoyoing solves everything.


Studio42, when are you going? I’m gonna be there Nov. 18-20.

(JET) #8

i make those whenever i have dry ice, they cant do any damage unless your holing it when it goes off but thats common sense


Which a lot of people seem to be short of.


I’m not sure, but it’s going to be around that time. It’s usually earlier. It’s a bit into the future for me to plan right. It’s always in November though.

You don’t do something like that when you’re working on a job that involves large number of people or in a place where it could hurt someone. There’s no excuse for that. If you want to do a “safe” but similar effect, you can use a Alka Seltzer tablet and a film cannister with some water. Makes a pop, it can even go off in your hand.

The guy is now looking at a potential 6 years in the greybar hotel. I don’t think we should throw the book at him. We had some recent stuff go down, especially in Boston, so we’re a little edgy when it comes to stuff blowing up, especially in a public place. I think some jail time may be appropriate, but not 6 years. Termination of employment and blacklisting from future hiring there is certainly reasonable. A fine(could be hefty), restitution, and perhaps any penalties for damages(fairly minimal) would be appropriate. But, depending on any priors or other affiliations, this could have a need to get very harsh very fast.

People need to learn how to use their downtime in a manner that isn’t destructive.


maybe they should call it uncommon sense :wink:


LOL my brother went on a Florida trip for school marching band, and his Suite caught on fire! :o


I’m going tomorrow. The same day as the dry ice incident, some lady noticed my knife clipped to my pocket. It was kinda a bummer cause I always bring one to disneyland.