Disney algorithm can make anything spin stable

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I don’t know about you guys, but I want a breakdancing armadillo yoyo.


I guess shifting weight distribution while keeping the same center of gravity gives you a stabler, longer lasting spin.


Wow…that just blew my mind. I think were is a lot of potential in 3d printing yoyo’s. I wonder if they have a patent on the algorithm?

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It’s Disney, expect so.


Variable infil has already been used in yoyos for a while now. While most people just use them for prototyping, Fluidprint and KyosToys use 3D printers for full products, and many others have been experimenting with similar technologies.


eeek that way they were throwing the yoyo… gaaaahhhh the technique is sooo bad!!!


does it pass the fingernail test

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If you still have fingernails left, it’s fine.