Dismounting from a trapeze

So I’m going back to dismounting from a trapeze. He said not to pay much attention to it.
But I want to know can anyone do a video about how to roll the yoyo away so it goes back into a trapeze.
How to do that third dismount he did. I’m confused, b/c whenever I wrap the string and roll it out, it gets all tangled up… ???




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I think he means dismount from double or nothing.

You want to go from trapeze to trapeze?

The third dismount that he shows in the video of Man on the Flying Trapeze. It’s a fancy/cool dismount from trapeze. I watched him demonstrate it at 1:40 in the Matrix Advanced section cause I looked it up on google, but still didn’t get it…


Who is this “he”? If you’re talking about Andre, just say so. Which third dismount? Why not give a time instead of the time for the one in Matrix? Worse yet, I’m at 1:40 of Andre’s Matrix tutorial, and there’s no dismount there!

Take a breath. Start from scratch. Provide the details people need in order to help you!!

OKok be patient!
The dismount I’m looking for is in 2:28 in Intermediate, Man on the Trapeze.
He explains how to do it(i don’t quite get it still tho) in Advanced Prt 1The Matrix 1:42 where he wraps it around his finger and rolls it and then in the Man on the Trapeze, he continues that into a dismount, by using the second dismount, moving the yo to the middle and shooting it up-back to your open palm.
When I do the roll it’s tangled.

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he uses a responsive yoyo in that video… basically that kind of stuff doesnt work without a bind if you’re using an unresponsive yoyo. if that’s the case, instead of just popping the yoyo up, swing it back the opposite direction while sticking out your middle finger. give it some speed on the opposite swing and rocket it back up into the center of the string, let go of your non-throw hand as the momentum will take the yoyo up and your NTH will just make it come back down again before actually binding/winding. this should cause the yoyo to bind and shoot back down to your TH… that’s all i know concerning a bind that looks (similar) to the one at 2:28… but again, he’s using responsive, i’m talking about unresponsive

hope this helps

sorry… i’m not really following you with the swing it to the opposite direction while sticking my middle finger out…
Do you mean by the finger that’s holding the loop that the yo yo is on in trapeze?

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I don’t think Tacspeed specifically said he’s learning it on an unresponsive yoyo, I think he’s just saying that he gets all wambled up when he tries it.

Here’s a full tutorial for just that move. He incorrectly (and admits it) calls it a “Ferris Wheel” but that’s not the actual name. I think it’s commonly called a sidestyle somersault…? Doesn’t matter.

So to do it the way Andre does it, all you do is the roll, which brings you back to trapeze, and as Mediumwell mentions, hop it into the air only if your yoyo is responsive (ie. mix it in to the “second” dismount Andre shows.)

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That dismount is really called the Ferris Wheel dismount. I don’t know if anyone uses the term for the somersaults by themselves like in that tutorial, but it is the common name for the dismount.

If you are getting the string tangled, you might be swinging the yoyo around the outside of your throwhand arm. When you do the roll, you want to swing the yoyo between your throwhand arm and your body. You can see it pretty well in the side view of the video GregP posted. If you swing the yoyo outside that arm instead of to the inside, it will get tangled.

so with a unresponsive yoyo, do the ferris wheel that GregP posted, but instead of rolling your TH finger over your NTH finger again (to repeat ferris over again), just let the yoyo keep going and you will dismount the trapese completely. this is where your middle finger comes into play.

when the yoyo swings around your middle finger, it should have enough momentum to contact the horizontal string between your TH and NTH and it’ll go straight up (with practice on your release)… this will cause a bind and it’ll return to your TH.

i’m not too sure how much more specific i can be without drawing a diagram of some sort. Let me know if this helps at all.

It’s a responsive bearing :o with any responsive yoyo I f it comes lined up with ur throw hand it will instantly wind up just so you know …

I think he’s trying to do the matrix


I didn’t understand what he was asking at first either, but I think it’s sufficiently clear now. He may move into the Matrix, but he just wants to learn the “Ferris Wheel dismount”. He has all the information he needs… adding to it is just going to be confusing.

With a responsive yoyo, lining it up with the throwhand does NOT always mean it will wind up. I can do Oliver Twists, Lindy Loops, etc., with a fixed axle yoyo.

If the gap is particularly tight, there might be problems. But as you can clearly see, Andre was also using a Dark Magic set to be responsive (slim bearing), and I’ve done the same with my Dark Magic II.

No, I’m not doing Matrix fwi :slight_smile: