Dishonored- Xbox 360


Normally, I really don’t play many games. However, I did feel compelled to get Skyrim about a year ago and got hooked on it for a good while. I stopped playing for some months and went to Best Buy yesterday, getting my kids a couple games, and saw Dishonored for $30… I’ve seen it before and thought it looked cool. I bought it and I have not been able to stop playing since last night…

This game is freakin’ awesome! So addicting and I love the story. It is really similar to Skyrim in that you can get magical powers and dual-weapons and whatnot. Only, this time, it is just mainly people you’re killing instead of dragons and you’re in an old-time London-esque area.

Anyone else played it?

Good video here:


I’ve seen a play through of it and the expansion of it, I like the story and gameplay of it.


Yea, it’s pretty tough at times but it’s addicting.


I actually didn’t like it. It just wasn’t my type of game.


Loved it. So many different ways to go about your mission. My reflexes are shockingly slow so I opted to mainly sneak around the place… and then summon swarms of rats from up high XD



Yea, I liked that you can travel about anywhere on the levels. I loved the setting as well… I beat the game last night and now I’m working on CoD MW2. It’s a pretty sweet game too.


I also, randomly, was playing “Dishonored” last night! I pre-ordered it when it came out and picked it up and never really got into it. I was trying to see if I wanted to play it more or trade it in towards “The Last Of Us” tomorrow. I’m going to be trading it in toward “The Last Of Us.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very well done and unique game, it just also somehow didn’t click with me. I’m also one of those weirdos that didn’t enjoy any of the “Bioshock” games and “Dishonored” is too Bioshock-ey.


I’ve finished the original story three times already haha. It really is a good game. I like Call of Duty and all, but that’s just a game for me to play with my friends. Single-player games like Dishonored, Portal, and Half Life are in my opinion, “pure” videogames. Have you tried the dlc? Both of them are good, but The Knife of Dunwall is the best. I even prefer it to the original game.


I haven’t tried the DLC yet. I should have my Xbox Live back on this weekend. I will try it soon. I’m probably going to play Dead Island again after I’m done with MW2…

I know it didn’t get “great” reviews but I loved the Goldeneye 007: Reloaded game. Maybe I just love James Bond stuff.