Diseases, Syndromes, Behaviors

Axle Envy - Extreme jealousy of other’s posted collection especially very large shiny collections.


It’s finally doneitis The process of telling yourself the collection is complete, then finding another cool shiny object, purchasing said object, then repeating this process ad infinum.

Doesn’t even need to just apply to throws.


OUCH. I bet that would hurt. :face_with_thermometer:

Acid Reflex - Sensation that not only does your yo-yo look better than you but it also appears to be smarter than you.



This was the first ever YYE post that I added to the group dialog. As I recapped my year on the forum, I thought the post was worthy of a bump! Hey, maybe there are some new ones!

Listed are the 15 named Diseases, Syndromes, Behaviors in the post. I’ll list them below, but for the definition you gotta read through the posts.

The question is How many do you suffer from? Respond to the survey!

Listed Chronologically

  • Daytrippin’
  • Full-Empty Syndrome
  • Unique Personality Syndrome
  • DNA Syndrome (DNA OCD)
  • Triggered Syndrome
  • Off Balance Syndrome
  • Bermuda Triangle Syndrome
  • Artificial Legiondary Status (ALS)
  • Repetitive Throwing Disorder (RTD)
  • Trickdaphobia
  • Throwers Elbow
  • Tourettes Syndrome
  • Koolaidiosis (The Shutters)
  • Axle Envy
  • Acid Reflex


I suffer from …

  • All of them
  • Most of them
  • Less than Half
  • One or two
  • None or other

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Collection Annihilator:

After building an impressive collection. Something goes wrong could be small, could be big? Most likely has to do with throwing, throws or something in the community, but does not have to do anything with throws or the community at all. The issue is enough to push the collector over the edge and the collection is aggressively sold off. Collection Annihilation.

My true feelings on this condition.
1st. I hate to see it happen
2nd. I am excited every time some sells off a collection
3rd. I hope it does not happen to me
4th. If it does I hope the throws go to good people.

Usually the collector moves on for a while then they settle down sometimes in a new location and the rebuild a new collection with new throws…

Buying a new yo-yo believing if you just had a better throw you could nail that combo. Then you still can’t so,
You buy the next new model believing if you just had a better throw you could nail that combo.

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