See! Yoyos are fun for everybody!

Haha my little 1 year old sister with downsyndrome trys to grab my shutter, she finally does grab it, and now she wont give it back! Haha. See! Yoyos are fun for everyone.

Btw a nylon crocostring is on there. I think i found the perfect nylon crocostring. Still working on my other kinds though!

Man that’s cool! I think she’s found an interest in yo-yos cause you do it probably all the time. Oh yeah and that’s interesting your sister has down syndrome because I have a cousin that has down syndrome named Peter he is about 11 years old now.

Wow! Apparentky there are a lot of people with downsyndrome in the world. My mom is in a facebook group with a whole bunch of other moms with kids with downsyndrome.

And actually whenever i yoyo in front of her she will drop what she is holding and then watch me. I usually carry around a cheap throw to give her afterwards.

I think that means she will be a future yoyoer.