(Discussion) Player with the most "difficult" tricks?

Discussion. Who is the player you think of when you think of the 1A player who has the most “difficult” tricks. No the most flowy, or best scoring, just a player who seems to be able to land stuff that really shouldnt be landed. Not asking for “best yoyoer” obviously, just one who seems to make the impossible, possible. Discuss.
Opinions will obviously vary.


hmm. well, lets see,

Josh Yee (OBVIOUSLY the guy above me isnt him xD),

iwasawa, mickey, takeshi matsuura (CRAZY HORIZONTAL 5A WHAT THE HECK?!!?)

just a few i can think off the top o’ my head.

Christopher Chia

Wow…a few people pop into my mind when I think of really difficult tricks, Darrel Mitchell, Chris Chia for sure.

Alex Hattori (for 3a), Takeshi Matsuura, and Mickey.

Mickey has some really good lands, but he misses quite a bit too… ( well, not too much)

Mickey occasionally blows my mind

Luis Enrique just popped into my head. Boingy Boing from a green triangle, attacking sideways between the legs eli hops. His front style is the most technical I’ve seen as well! And no one else that I’ve seen can end tricks with an epic pose like that.

Luo Yi Cheng his suicides are awesome.

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I thought that for so long.

Paul Kerbel within that creepy horizontal play