Discontinued yoyos?

I am starting a collection of discontinued yoyos. If you could give me a list of discontinued yoyos that would be great. Thanks in advance.:smiley:

That will be an enormous list… lol check yoyowiki

this or some stores have a list of discontinued yoyo’s, jw why the random discontinued yoyo collection? there’s so many.


idk i guess i just like them


I’m going to guess that it makes them seem more unattainable since they are not readily available any longer, making them more desirable.

I’ll never feel that way lol I’ll collect yoyo’s that fit my preferences that’s all.

I know what you mean. Of course, everyone has there own thing and I imagine he wants to realize his own preferences.

Me too it seems like whenever I stumble across an interesting throw it just so happens to be discontinued

That is just how it is with yoyos. For the most part, they are not mass-produced save for a few brands… usually they are smaller companies that make what the can, when they can. Once something sells out, they like to move on to a new project. It keeps the ADHD-youth of today glued to their Facebooks, Instagrams, forums, etc…

This isnt going to work.

Every single SPYY. Good luck, because every single SPYY is worth owning!

Well there’s some really unique discontinued throws. Take the HG material yoyojams which were great players. There’s also a decent amount of old school A size bearing throws along with throws that use pads instead of the current response rings. That or he may just be a fan of organic or highwall throws.

Best thing would be to list some more of your preferences and maybe we can find you some really good discontinued throws that fit the specs.

Some notable throws would be the Bapezilla, 07 888, and Spyy Pure. They’re not too hard to find but can be a little spendy. Anything by Russ Andert is amazing as well. There’s a good amount of discontinued throws on yoyobrothers instagram. Maybe you can go through there and find something that looks good and try to find one:

I’m sure most of you know this but yoyos have been found to be dating back to 500 B.C. It is considered to be the oldest toy in the world by many. Soooo, I think if you keep it to a certain era it would be possible. I’m assuming it will be a list of throws made in A.D. Otherwise, making a list of all discontinued throws along with some history would be worthy of an anthropological paper that would get you a doctorate degree.

Just buy up a bunch of yoyos and wait 30 years

I like your thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this was a discontinued thread. ;D

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