I have yet to ding any of my throws, it’s really not that hard. Be aware of all objects around you and make sure there’s enough room around you that your yoyo won’t hit anything.


So are you telling me I need to learn to fly so I won’t keep hitting my yoyo on the ground? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


there is a string attached to it, that tends to work fairly well to keep the yoyo off the ground for me. :wink:

(major_seventh) #15

I’m the weirdo that wishes he could ding his yoyos so that they’d be more special, but hasn’t dinged a yoyo in a very long time.


Wait… You are supposed to use string? Oops

Most of the dings I get are from mindless yoyoing (not paying attention) or attempting new tricks.


I knew a guy that used to cut his strings down to 26 inches. He still… Dinged his yoyos every 10 minutes!

Of course, he was only 3 feet tall; so that’s just what happens😳

…on a more serious note; I would suggest that a person NEVER buy something that he is afraid to use.

A Yoyo is a fun toy…

If you are afraid to use a toy; how can you have fun?

How can you be Adventurous?

How can you focus on learning tricks if you are focusing on the Fear of ‘dinging your yoyo’ into something?

How can you have fun if you live in fear of letting somebody try your yoyos because they might hit something; ‘Oops’!

All yoyos have something in common. They are keys to unlock the door to Enjoyment.

Do not even buy the key(yoyo) if you live in fear of unlocking the door.

  1. Buy a yoyo

  2. Use the yoyo.

  3. Have fun with the yoyo.

  4. Be careful but do not limit your adventure out of fear of getting a ding in a toy.

  5. The only thing fun and fear have in common is that they start with the letter ‘f’.

  6. Remove the Fear so you can have the Fun.



:clap::clap::clap: yes


Yeah, it’s gonna happen. I’ve learned to let it go… :sunglasses:



I find that when you need to add character/dings to your yoyo, walking the dog on concrete has a near 100% success rate!


First ding is the deepest


Reference to…
The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know
The first cut is the deepest
But when it comes to bein’ lucky, he’s cursed
When it comes to lovin’ me, he’s worst…???

(major_seventh) #24

But then it was all intentional and not special :stuck_out_tongue: lol


@WHOTH3MAN. No, I don’t want to build a snowman! :snowman:️:sunny:️


Leave it in the box.

(yoyobro!) #27



Just have fun with it, but remember to be careful :stuck_out_tongue:


I dinged both my Top Deck and my Igloo the day I bought them, in the stupidest way possible. I had my Top Deck on my holder and when playing the igloo, it smacked against it.

A few weeks later my Top Deck fell out of my backpack and rolled down the sidewalk.

They both have their love makes and still play as good as they did when I first bought them which is what matters most to me :slight_smile:



Great to hear they still play as good as they did before :slight_smile:

(rizkiyoist) #31

So most bimetals are prone to dislodging?
There goes my reason to buy bimetals (which is to walk the dog).
If only Ti yoyos don’t cost so much…