Different Silicone



I don’t like these YoYoJam silicone o-rings anymore. Over time they get sticky and peel out with all this goo on the recess. I tried it with my G5, and it stuck so bad, I had to use a needle to get it out. So could you guys please get something else like AnY O-Pads or something? These are driving me crazy!


They are meant to be put into the o-ring part of yoyojams. They are not supposed to be put in PGM’s. They don’t even fit in pgms if i’m not wrong. If you put them into pgm’s they will be sticking out. Thats not what silli is meant for, it should be recessed/flush.

And I’m pretty sure that O-pads also don’t fit in PGMs.



They arn’t supposed to fit the PGM V1, it uses pads way larger. Also, there is a ton of people who like them.

But, I could do for some Flowable Silicone.


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I meant for the AnY O-Pads for this shop to actually GET some so we can buy them. I mean any yoyo though, they fit in some YoYoJams, well most.


Andre signs deals with companies and sells their products, he does what he can.

If you NEED them that badly you can get them where they sell them.


Shipping is ballistic over at the other places besides one… and they don’t have it.


An whole 50cents?


50 cents? Sorry YYE, but…

YYN is $6 PRIORITY! YYE IS $4.95!!! Ballistic

The only place cheaper is probably YoYoSam or YoYoCrazy! (Sorry YYE!)



A dollar? Really?


Link please? :slight_smile:




IDK, Lowe’s Home Depot, ACE?


They won’t have them online…

Do you HAVE to buy everything online?


Yes but no!

Would you drive a car and waste gas and pollute, or buy online?


I’m not sure about you, but I have these things below my belly button, called legs. Once I used these “Legs” to ride a Bike somewhere to get “Silicone”.


You wanna edit that post… There’s more than a belly-button. (Sorry…)

You try riding a bike on a highway risking getting hit and having a cop pull you over.


I’ll ignore the first sentence.

Or you could be safe and stay on the sidewalks or take back roads.

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I’ll lock it myself, mabye delete it and make a new one!

What if there’s no back roads, or sidewalks?

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Then you are crazy…

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Not my problem the contractors put my house on a road next to the highway!