Silicone pad stickers???

Hey guy, I was wondering if these:

are a good idea instead of buying a tube of silicone and doing it myself.

Do they last as long?  Do they work as well?

Would they fit my DM?  It says any standard YYJ O-ring size, so I’m guessing it would…


And if you don’t want to mess with the goop, YYJ silicone is a great way to go.

And as far as play goes, the yoyos mentioned above uses it. Therefore, it should play nicely. I don’t know how long it will last. But if durability is what you are looking for, I have heard that AnY O-pads last as close to eternety one could possibly get. But somepeople claim that binds tend to slip on those.

Addment: These is MUCH easier than filling a groove with silicone. And also less messy.

And to add onto what Pheenix said, yes - these last a very long time, a couple months actually and they provide nice tight binds for the whole ride :wink:

Yep- Ive got these in my lyn and they are AMAZING. I hated the goop and stuff so I got 2 of these and they are a great idea.