Silicone o-ring Question for a Yo Yojam?

Would both of these Silicone o-ring work with a Lyn Fury yo yo

and which one would work best?

i would imagine the ones made by yoyojam would fit best, but i do believe theyre both made for yoyojam yoyos. and they’re just silicone rings, so they probably are equal as far as response goes. they wear down faster than rubber, but theyre great, i have a pair in my x-convict. i got mine from yoyoguy, and i think theyre the same as the ones yoyonation is selling.

The O-rings from YoyoNation are O-RINGS. Meaning, they’re not completey flush with the yoyo.
The SILICONE PADS on YYE are completely flush.

The O-rings are much better if you cut them flush with the yoyo. They last longer and provide much tighter binds.

the rings i got for my x-convict eventually wore in that way after a while, but before they wore down to the point where they were completely flush they were more responsive. for the price of those rings you could always buy a tube of rtv silicone gasket maker. it’ll last a whole lot longer than the rings :wink:

Thanks guys