Different Bearings?

I see all the 4a video’s on youtube. And it occurred to me, do they use the stock bearing that the yoyo (Aquarius,Fiesta,Big Yo, Equinox, etc…) comes with right out of the package?. Like for my Aquarius, it spins maybe for 10 seconds, if that…

If they do get different bearings, which one’s do they use?


be patient. 2 hours isnt the end of the world…

Ben Conde is a professional, therefore hes been practicing for a while. he probably does use stock bearing

2 Hours? its been 14 hours :slight_smile:

Is 10 seconds with a flick or a finger or a sleeper?

Clean the bearing. Throw better.


these forums don’t really get too busy till the school crowd gets home and settled

best advice in the world… Especially the latter