What’s the difference between the CBC slim pad and the PRO CBC slim pad from yoyofactory?
I’m going to change out my response pads for my dv888 and I’m wondering what’s the difference between the two and which one should I get?

I’m not really sure. I’ve gotten the normal ones and they work just fine.
But instead of getting pads, I would recommend just getting silicone and filling the response in yourself. It’s way cheaper, and it’s more readily available than pads. Granted it takes 24 hours to cure, it’s still a better alternative if you ask me, as well as most others.
you can pick up silicone at your local 99 cent store.

The only reason that’s keeping me from siliconing my throws is that the bearings in YYF throws are a hassle to take out. Yes, I have a multitool but even that I get lazy. So I prefer pads on some of my throws. Balance, I should say.

What I can say though is that white pads are the standard ones and I’ve been told from the guys of YYF that pro pads give tighter binds. I personally use red CBC pads and I like them :]

Pro pads are a different durometer (softness) of rubber and come from a different supplier. Most of our team prefers yellow, some prefer red and some don’t care and use white :slight_smile:

New colors and a third durometer coming this summer.

Rubber you say?