Pro CBC Pads

Are they really better than the regular CBC pads?

they arent. they are colored

They are thicker.
So if you have a yoyo where the cbc pads you have sit to deep in the recess, these will help bring the response back up to flush or near flush.

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Are they worth it?


Care to specify?

To elaborate a bit, 1slave25 did answer your question with everything you’d possibly need to know, just taking the super concise route. The CBC pads in the Pro are the same thing (by the same company - CBC stands for Central Bearing Co.) as YYF’s CBC pads. The only difference you’ll notice is that sometimes they come in yellow instead of the standard white (hence: “they are colored”).

It is of 1slave25’s humble opinion (and mine as well) that the CBC pads are not worth the money they cost. The reason for this is that you can buy a tube of flowable silicone for the price of 5 pairs of pads, but you’ll get dozens of silicone jobs out of a single tube. I also prefer the feel of flowable silicone as well. The downside to flowable silicone is that you have to wait for it to cure, whereas you can simply swap out the pads instantly if you chose that route. On the other hand, flowable silicone is much more easily accessible. Instead of having to order online and wait for shipping, you can find flowable silicone at just about any reputable auto parts dealer.

But really it all boils down to preference. Try both and see which you like better.

From what I understand, they’re a bit grippier and last longer.

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As somebody else said, that’s not true at all. They may come in different colors, but their thicker, and a little bit more gripper. I prefer them. So they come in different colors, and offer you snappier binds. How awesome is that?

Yeah, I’m about to find out how awesome they are very soon. My Slim Pads stock in my G5 have just about lost all life after 2 months of daily throwing :slight_smile:

Reading over everything again, I realize that I misunderstood the initial question. I interpreted the subject as the “(SPYY) Pro’s CBC pads” instead of the “CBC Pro Pads.” That being the case, I haven’t tried them and therefore have nothing constructive to add to this discussion. My bad :-X

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