Help with YoYoFactory slim CBC pads

Hi all

This may have already been answered but i could not find anything on it.

So just a quick question, how long do you think a slim CBC pad should last?

Like i know it’s kinda down to preference, but a few of my throws that i’ve had a while take a lot more to bind now… i can still bind them, and i have replacement pads, but if i replace them, then i have no more replacement pads…

There’s no yoyo store near me so i have to order online for my yoyo supplies so i’d like to get as long as i can out of the pads before i have to change them, with still having a yoyo that comes back when i bind it.

I’m not really into silicone-ing my yoyo’s because the CBC pads work and there’s not much effort in changing them and all that so i’d like to stick to the pads

Just would like to know what people think about how long you should wait until you change the pad.

cheers! :slight_smile:

Basically I would wait until they either fall out or until the pads are worn out and you cant get a bind to return.

As a side note, siliconing your yoyos is a great alternative to buying response pads, a tube of silicone will cost like $5 and will last for ages doing all your yoyo responses and once you get used to doing it it takes no time at all to put in and smoothen out.