Any signs?

Hello peeps of YYE, I’m about to ask a stupid question for all you pro yoyoers. Here it goes. How will I know that my CBC Pads have worn out? Because my Duncan yo’s response pad only last for like 1 week (when it was my fav). But on the other hand, I haven’t replaced my YYJ Legacy’s (my first yo with CBC Response) response since I received it which was like 2 1/2 months ago. Any answers? Because the pad is not showing any sign of wearing out. Thanks in advance.

Response pads will wear out depending on how much you play with that yoyo. You will know if it’s wearing out if binds become slippy. I wouldn’t worry too much about response pads wearing out because they’re cheap or you could sillicone them.


For me, I replace the pads when they come out.
Like when they break and shoot out of the yoyo I know its time to replace them pads.

When your binds are slipping.

Unless they slip so much that it’s almost impossible to bind back up without using much ‘force’ I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I usually just silicone mine whenever the silicone has broken up so much that bits are breaking off whenever I throw it.