K-Pad and CBC pad


is there a difference between the two?
i plan on buying the slim response pad from YYF but they come in two different options:
Slim Pad CBC white
Slim Pad K-pad yellow


Yes. The Yellow is the same as the old “K-Pad” and is more grippy than the white version. I like it a lot better and I think just about everyone else does too.

(Matty#14) #3

I like yellow more too. When ive had the white ones, they ve been really slippy…


well thanks for the info ^^ now i know which one to get. but now i want to know something. u see my protostar one pad just went completely missing idk how, but it did. does pads come off easy or something? and on my new breed the silicon kinda stretched out of where it should be and so did my genesis any reason why and how to stop tht?


That means it is time to put a new one in.

(yoyo jake) #6

or sili it it is cheaper and lasts longer


Yellow ones are better, but I hate them both lol


same irPads fosho.


We’re actually just talking about pads right now no matter how much better silicone is.


well sure if you want. cuz i just need a good response for my throws. i need new response for my new breed and protostar