difference between yoyo strings and what should i get?

what is the difference between normal poly and normal poly kitty string and yoyo lab string normal and toxic string which one should i get i want the best whipping and slack smooth that mantains good tension and stays smooth

They use different grades of polyester fiber/threads to get the desired thickness, bounce and other characteristics that the company wants to achieve.

What I will say is I really like both YYSL Type X and Twisted Strings Trixta. Long lasting, maintains tension, right amount of combination of soft yet stiff to help keep the whips and slack loops open. They also have good bounce in them too and maintain performance even when looking dirty and worn(they aren’t yet!!) I also like their thickness. I really haven’t found a Toxic Strings offering I like yet, but they offer other choices.

“Regular” poly and Kitty String doesn’t tend to last that long, a couple of “play hours” tops, but can be a lot less for some players. Depending on the blend, it may not have enough stiffness, softness and/or bounce that you want. Even so, it will still do what you need it to do. Most of the problems come from people using old strings that should have been changed out. This stuff isn’t junk or inferior, it just just doesn’t last as long as some of the “premium” string brands tend to last.

Whatever you get, maintaining string tension is something that you as a player need to manage, regardless of what you choose to use.

If you’re new, just use YYE 100% poly bulk or Kitty string. If you’re looking to change, I would suggest getting the smallest amounts of other stuff to try, then document what you do and don’t like, decide what else to buy or what to buy a lot of.

Toxic fits your needs… If you want a softer string you should go YYSL. Ammo is softer but type x isnt necessarily rough

I like normal kitty string the best for every day play and I use 1.5 kitty string for learning knew slack tricks and combos.