Dietz - New Side Effects


Hey guys. So I have a Dietz, and I like it, but I feel its a bit too light. So far I have only played it with the stock SE’s (the Dietz ones) but I was thinking of purchasing some heavier ones. I’m mainly looking at the aluminum spikes, but if anyone has other suggestions, feel free to put them up! Also, if anyone has pictures of Dietz with spikes or other side effects, that would be AWESOME. Thanks a lot!

Also, the spikes listed on the YYE store page are aluminum, not brass, right? (like just Green Spike, Blue Spike, etc)


Yes they are aluminum. But spikes only make it .2 grams heavier which isn’t worth it. I’d be more apt to get mini discs or code 1s if I were you. Also, could you helpe me out on my yelets/AC decision.


Keep in mind that you’re going to be adding centerweight so it won’t be the same as adding rim weight


I’m mostly going off of the side effect preference thread. Has anyone played a Dietz with other side effects that they like?