i just go my die-nasty in the mail today and im kinda disapointed. thats pretty hard to do since i’ve only been yoyoing for a few weeks. i like the way it plays and stuff but it just doesent spin long enough. do i need 2 break in the bearing or something?

most likely, i cant remember if yyf puts lube on their bearings though

Don’t fret, the bearing just needs to break it. It will get better as you play!

breaking in the baring will take a while. after it’s broken down, and it still doesn’t sleep long you could check the response system or clean the bearing. it may also be from your throw so work on a straight strong throw

I actually think that YYF ships their bearings pretty dry. I don’t know much about the Center-Trac, but SPECs came almost dry. You had to lube them instead of breaking them in.

I suggest that you add some thin lube. And play with that for some minutes.

Adding thin lube won’t help the spin times. I’m not sure if the center-tracs come dry either, but the one that I tried felt like it needed to be broken in a little. Just my opinion of course.

Keep practicing and improve your throw. Your throw will improve over time so you get more spin.

i dont think its my throw there all pretty strait and i can get all my other yoyos to spin for a long time

Just clean the bearing. There may be lube or dirt that is inside. Cleaning the bearing would get rid of the impurities in your bearing. If it still does not improve, just try to contact yoyofactory or something. I think they have some sort of warranty.

die nasty bearing ships dry.

is the bearing spinning? can you flick it with your finger?

yeah the bearings spinning

Check to make sure nothing got wrapped around the axle or stuck in the bearing seat. (dust, hair, etc)

Maybe clean it?

Mine came like that… I was bummed but just work on your throw… I dont know why but it my Die-Dasty died very fast but now it spins long enough to do any of my tricks…

Just play it

how do i het the spacers off?

Ya I just Bought One to and it just broke today. pretty bumed about that only had it for a week. But Im Pretty sure they ship them dry cuz mine was slow at first but now it will go for a few minutes… or it used to any way.

It took mine a few weeks but it will break in, I spent the first day just throwing it and binds to break it in a little. The Center Trac is a pretty nice bearing too. Just give it some time and you’ll come to enjoy the Die.

Yes I Quite agree. it gets better every time you throw it. Until it breaks that doesn’t feel good at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

How did it break?

Did the bearing seat cave in? Thats what happened to mine