Die-Nasty Review

When i first opened the package i realized it was a little biger that in the picture. Then i threw it! Awesome throw i thought to myself. But the thing that really suprised me is the breakaway. When i threw the breakaway it felt so smooth! Perfect for string trickes! the only down on it is the sleep time. Not the best but not the worst either. I insanely love this yo yo!

1 to 10 score
Sleep time:4 grinds:2 whips: 3 string tricks:8 portibility:9 sound:fairly loud binds:7

Like i said i love this yo yo and highly recommend it. The binds are great compared to my new breed and it binds tight. Also the grinds are not good because of the sleep time. Whips are also a little harder because of the size.

Thank you!

Nice… I need to get around to writing mine… I lost all my video review footage and dont want to shoot it all over… Its a nice yoyo though!

Seemed pretty short and low on detail, but you managed to press a lot into those few lines.

Addment: Also the regular rant about score system thingy.

It would help if instead of telling us the score from one to ten, you explained it with more detail.

It’s a good review and all, but it was a little short, it was organized okay, and had some grammatical errors. Other wise good review.

i got mine and it broke :o so i went ot the yoyo thing i always go to on fridays and the guy there said it was broken and that he was going to yoyo factory to get some new yoyos and said he might be able to get me a new one. when it worked it was awesome on 5a, i felt it suited my begining 5a needs and in one day i am already starting to learn bee sting. ;D

Give yourself a cookie for that one ;D

Are you sure its the die-nasty’s fault that it has bad spin time, or is it your throw?
You can’t judge grinds by the spin time.
By whips, you mean stuff like jade whip, or stuff like iwasawa hook?

Im pretty sure its not my throw because i have a new breed the it throws fine and long. Also i mean like jade whip and plastic whip not hooks.