IS it good??? haha… it says it is better but I want to know if it’s true

(Shisaki) #2

No, it’s just the same as a normal Die-Nasty

(DOGS) #3

Well supposedly it IS different from the original DieNasty somehow.


Yup, it is. I asked Steve Brown about it about a month ago when he put it up for sale on his site. According to him YYF reinforced the plastic around the axle and bearing seat to eliminate the breakage problem the original design had.


The Die Nasty Glow actually plays DRASTICALLY different than the original. Slight engineering re-designs make the yo-yo stronger and MUCH smoother than the original. The biggest improvement is the added weight from the Glow plastic, which puts this yo-yo’s performance up there with the Starlite/Protostar/Northstar trifecta. Give one a try if you get the chance and you will NOT be disappointed.


I’m very happy to hear that. I love the shape of the original, I just didn’t like how it played. I need to get one ASAP now.



(laxdude99) #8

The starlight is beast and plays a little better than the glow nasty in my opinion


i was pleasantly surprised with my Glow Die Nasty. i was expecting a decent plastic, and i’m a sucker for glow yoyo’s, so add in ordering it from Steve to get the signed card and i couldn’t resist, especially for the price. when i got it and started throwing it, it blew me away. i’ve got a really nice Takeshi recessed FHZ with weight rings that throws like a dream, and i’d say this yoyo is equal, if not better, than that one. up until now that modded FHZ was my favorite plastic by far. the weight on this is darned near perfect, the center trac gives it nice long (but loud) spins, and the balance is right on, with no vibe (other than my occasional wonky throw). you should totally pick one up. it’s definitely worth every penny.


bro… triple post??? any ways ::slight_smile: both sound awesome and they both cost the same… uhhhhh I should move this post huh??


You can make one with Glow in the Dark SCULPY!


Bro…it was 3 separate thoughts. If I had thought of them at the same time, I would have posted it all at once. I didn’t, so I posted them when they occurred to me. Since im posting from a mobile device, it doesn’t give me the modify option for some reason. This IS a message board after all…it’s meant for people to post messages. But I’ll delete the other two, just to make you happy.

(Chase Baxter) #13

It really does have a drastic difference believe it or not! I tried one at Worlds and I was blown away! I have an original one and this thing murders it! It has longer spin times and stuff too! When I threw it I’m pretty sure I did like 5 different combos that usually takes me 4 throws! I was like to my friend “Do you remember if I binded or not yet because I don’t remember if I did or not and I’m doing tricks right now?” and he was like “Yep, first throw still!”