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So, the world’s most expensive yo-yo is being tackled today here on Blavish. Wanna know how much it sold for? Try $16,000. Not too shabby, eh?

Lemme throw a little history your way, yo-yos were actually invented by the Chinese back in, drumroll please,….2500 BC. Wowwy wow. But it was not an oldie that reached the height of being the world’s most expensive yo-yo. No, it was a newbie, a Cold Fusion yo-yo.

Made of airplane-grade aluminum, the Cold Fusion yo-yo was made using a ball-bearing axle & break pads for quick response. What makes this yo-yo stand out, besides the high grade aluminum, is that the longest recorded yo-yo spin was made using a Cold Fusion yo-yo. Wow, who knew?

(Chris Allen) #2

I am going to need some links.
The Cold fusion did hold the sleep record for a while it has since been beat many times.
I would love to know which, why, when, where, how a Cold Fusion (First sold in the late 90’s BTW) sold for $16k.

Also, the oldest DOCUMENTED evidence of a yo-yo in existence is 500bc in Greece. It is thought that the GREEK brought it to China, not the other way around.

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Okay, I think I see the problem…
Once again, proof that everything you read is not true or accurate.

You copy and pasted from here:

which quotes (very badly) this post:

which is incorrect in almost every single way…

You know, I have really big problems with plagiarism, especially when you plagiarize something that is not accurate.

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dang. you took what i would say. plagerism.

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I decided to clarify for the Blavish crowd:


That is a wow thing

The Dv888 large logo sold for 10,000 pre release



You had to buy another YYF metal and it would be 70.


here’s a true fact. did u know that the yoyo was the second oldest toy ever!!! second only to the doll, who knew!!! ;D

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Second oldest “Documented” toy…
There may be others, but no evidence has been found.


sorry, forgot that :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol spyy pure gold

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What about it? It’s only $350, the c22 sold out for $460…