Did C3YO kinda rob YYR's nameline?


YYR has been making yoyos with the suffix-nir, like the:
Gleipnir:The chains that held down Fenrir
Sleipnir: 8-Legged Horse
Draupnir:Odin’s Gold ring
All of the above are from Norse, Mythology which is a reall cool and unique theme.
Then C3yo made a Gungnir…(Odin’s spear), which is also from Norse Mythology…

Isn’t it kinda wierd That c3yo did this? I Kind of feel that they jacked the name of a YYR throw coming in the future.
Edit: “jacked” wasn’t the right word, as it wasn’t anything that was completely known to the public.


Just a little addition. There was already another company going down this name route - yoyomonster had released the Fenrir. As a lover of Norse mythology, I would like an Yggdrasil or maybe to go along with my metalhead tendencies, a Norn or three :wink:


I’d dig a solid metal color or a raw throw with futhark engraved around the rims (like how the civility is engraved), like a round rune stone.

That would be dope.


They make 1 yoyo with a name in norse mythology and you assume they’re biting off YYR? By that logic anyone who makes a yo-yo ever that uses a set of response pads is copying duncan.

Get real man…


Definitely not just need to stop being a fanboy and enjoy them both :slight_smile:


No need to be rude.
I’m not saying that c3yo is guilty of “biting” off yyr, I just found it interesting that they would name one of their throws so similarly to a company that has specifically been naming their throws in such a matter; Like if Yoyofactory suddenly made a looping yoyo named the “flameball”, or the “invader”.

Not really a fanboy, dont even own a YYR xD. Just curious to see what others thought about it, as it caught my attention.


oh no! someone made a yoyo with a similar name and play style to a yoyo made by another company! WHAT EVER SHALL WE DO!?

I wasn’t being rude but now you’re getting sarcasm for assuming such. Seriously though…there was no biting off YYR in the name of the yoyo


Maybe it is a Kido thing? :wink: