YoyoSki Yoyos.


YoyoSki Yoyo company. It is made by my friend Vince Step.

We have 2 yoyos being made for prototypes soon, they are called the Pierogi, and the Fenrir.

Fenrir is the yoyo shown below.


This yoyo is called the Pierogi.


These look very interesting!

Is the pierogi going to have that crazy spike?
Could be a signature thing!


I would maybe make the fenrir a little less hi-walled.


No, the Pierogi will not have the spike.

And Apollo2, the higher wall makes fast trick easier.


Where did the name fenrir come from?


Norse Mythology


Well, let me be the first person to ask to be a tester of the Fenrir. I love spikes!


And what are the specs?


Haha nobody will be testing these as far as I know right now

I will be testing them because it’s my signature yoyo, lol

Specs will be updated later


Nobody will be testing these until they are made,


Then make them. :smiley:


Pretty cool looking proto designs. I really like the look of the Pierogi. If the specs are good, it could be a real promising throw! Please keep us updated!


I will let everyone know when production starts


I’m liking the look of the Pierogi :slight_smile:

(Amplified) #16

Yay CAD sketches! Now make em a reality. I wanna play that one with the spike!


Pierogi reminds me of Code 1. Not that it’s a bad comparison since the Code 1 rules.


Thanks for the feedback guys

We are thinking that we are gonna be making a pre release of these. There’s gonna be around 8 prototypes produced I think.


Look at these Pierogi Prototypes! Apparently they weigh about 45 grams :o

They seem clean!


45g?? That’s crazy. Even the 49g Pacquiao is ridiculously (and delightfully) light. Any word on if these play well?