YYR hooked with C3?

Does C3 and YYR share designers or something? The new yoyo they just announced, the accelerator, is literally shaped just like a Draupnir without bimetal on it, and the art/font on it is the Same too.

Coincidence? I think not.

Accelerator is according to them based on the PWave. There was a pre-release in HK and mainland China a few months ago and nobody there seemed to link it with your teh derpnir. The numerous reviewers there was apparently content comparing it only to the PWave.
The font of ‘accelerator’ appears partially serif’d which in retrospect was probably one of the reasons I never thought it as runic. I can see why people think they’r similar when isolated from the sorta vector field thing logo tho.

tl;dr step straight v shape is common and draupnir is overhyped. also, gungnir and czm8 exists

The accelerator is extremely based off the P-Wave.

And yes, I agree, draupnir is overhyped. But the gungnir came after the draupnir.

Seems like a 6061 PWave with what they described as a slight rounding off on an edge or something.

If they put a blast on it, I would insta-buy. :wink:

the prerelease version i have plays nothing like a pw accually

I believe it. Strictly the shape I mean. Swap out the metals and make even small changes to the dimensions and it’s not going to play the same.

I think it’s PROBABLY hyperbole to say they play “nothing” alike. I mean, my Valor plays something like my '07 888. :wink:

Yeah… I mean I guess they both spin…

I was also being hyperbolic… but two yoyos with identical shapes, slightly different weights and diameters… they’re not likely to play light years apart or anything.

The mind is a crazy thing.

But lest my point be taken wrong, overall I DO believe kadabrium that they played differently. That’s the main point I was making. I just have a habit of nitpicking, and I was nitpicking on the words “nothing like”.