dibase scratched


i have some dings on my dibase due to accidently hitting a glass light cover so it there any way to cover or polish it up?


Just play on, man. Scratches and dings add character.



Learn to play blindfolded.

Otherwise, just deal with it. Stuff happens. Keep throwing. However, did you break the light cover? Are you OK? Anyone around you injured? Flourescent lights release mercury.

Sorry for the yoyo scratches and dings. Please be more careful!


yeah i broke the like cover but not the light bulb since it was thick glass it most likely protect the bulb also i just some scratches on my non yoyo hand overall im fine, i guess i have to practice somewhere with more room or just be more cautious.


It’s generally recommended to be far from breakables when you’re playing.


Speaking of people being OK… The ILYY Fury video has a scene in the end where he cracks himself across the forehead. He started bleeding :o

Be careful Augment :smiley: Over carpet/grass, and perhaps away from the rest of your lamps and other breakables. :wink:

Edit: Just smacked myself in the eyebrow this morning full speed. Man it hurts :-X