DiBase responsive


So I just got my dibase in the mail and I have been throwing it nonstop, after several hours the bearing got really loud and made a funny grinding sound so I put one drop of yoyo jam thin lube and now the completely unresponsive yoyo is responsive did I do something wrong or does the lube just need to be broken in?


more than likely your bearing was just breaking in. it may have had some dirt in it. what you should do is de-shield your bearings and then clean it. if you want to put lube on it just put a drop on a needle and it will create a smaller drop on the end of the needle. touch the smaller dropped to 1 of the balls in the bearing. spin the bearing in order to move the oil around. To clean the bearing just swish it around in mineral spirits for about 5 min. you can put the shields back on but I would say leave them off it works better for unresponsiveness


Thanks for the tip turns out I had a center track bearing lying around so I popped that in there and everything is good after I cleaned that bearing:)


yeah i getting the dibase too but from what i heard just put in a new bearing like a ten ball, cruical grooved, Konkave or twisted Trifecta .


Use a smaller drop of lube next time.