Diamondback vs 7075 Supernova vs Supernova Lite

Which would you choose, and why? They’re all in about the same size-range, all pretty much competition-oriented. Only played the regular 6061 Supernova briefly.
Price is irrelevant

I personally would go for the Super Nova Light.

I love the shape, it won the Yoyo election, and is a Severance signiture.

I would also rather have the light because I like light.

The diamond back second, it’s just amazing!

And last the 7075 Super Nova.

I really could care less what it is made of, I am all about how it plays and so forth.

Diamondback all the way.

7075 Supernova

Diamondback. Ive played all of those mentioned yoyos and the diamondback experience was wayy better than the supernovas.

Could anyone clarify the difference between them, especially the 7075 Nova and the Diamondback?

It would be really nice if those who stated an opinion would state why :stuck_out_tongue:

One is YYJ one is YYF.
One is Erick Koloski signature and one is Tyler severance.

The Diamond back has a more H shape.

The Nova and the 7075 are the same IMO.

The diamond back has sort of a web design in it.

The Nova comes in splash