Diamond fade-polished DV888

I used to work in a wood/machine shop and my buddy and I came up with a really cool polish technique that uses diamond polish which is what my friend uses to finish a particular type of granite. We used only a little bit and it went a pretty long way. Tested the technique out on a DV888 since I figured it was probably the most easily replaced of my collection. Unfortunately in the pics you can’t see that the yoyo has a slick gloss to it that is just really awesome looking. Still feels good in the hand and plays just as well as it did before. I’ll probably play it more now since its not a dull, boring, solid blue anymore.

How well does it grind?

Wow… You should start offering this as a mod… you did a great job.

Pretty much the same as it did before.

Thanks! I’m surprised how well it came out…it was a tad frustrating at first but once we got the hang of it the result was very pleasing. I’ll think about offering it as a mod, lets see if anyone asks for it. Going to try it out on some other models to see how well it duplicates.

If you need something to practice on lemme know, i have a magic yoyo n9 that i wouldn’t mind letting you experiment on :D, I also have a skyline with some dings on it that i might be ok with you trying that out on, just so you can try it on different types of aluminum of course :wink: