Determine value of a yoyo

Hello, I have a couple yoyos laying around that I know don’t get brought up much and were produced for a limited run, but were not the biggest deal when they were released. How would I go about putting a value on a yoyo, without putting it up for sale? For example, I have a Gold Freehand Zero. According to Duncan only 200 were made, and I was wondering if the value has fluctuated any.

The only real way to determine value is to either put it up for sale or look for other sales of the exact same item. Other than that it’s pure speculation.

Is it the 2007 worlds?

I obtained it in 2007, but I am not sure if it is the worlds or not.

Does it look like this?

Lol I think he would know if it was worlds or not if it said world yoyo competition. As far as FHZs go, their like the only thing that I don’t know the price of. There are a million special editions, and you can never see them all.

Ah, no it doesn’t. I probably should have known that, late night though. Most of what I am asking about are limited run FHZ, and I am trying to decide whether or not to sell them.

All you have to do is post pics of them in the BST and if people want them they will offer on them. If you don’t like the offer then keep them.

From what I’ve seen unless they are extremely rare, a FHZ won’t go for more than the original price, if that. I don’t think 200 pieces qualifies as rare. You could check ebay.