Hey, I wanted to know if anyone here would like to do the Vault of Glass with me. I’m a Lv28 Warlock and would really like to finish the Raid :slight_smile: I don’t really care what Character you are but you have to be Lv27 or Higher.

On xbox? If so I’m level 26. XD And I can’t do ALL of the vault of glass, but I can give it my best shot. I just don’t have to time to sit for 7 hours. XD

I’m a 29 Warlock myself. I’ve beat the raid on normal a couple times and solo’d Atheon on hard twice XD

Always looking for good people to play with. If the Friends list is working again, my gamer tag is the same as my handle here; add me.

I’m on XB1, btw.

Haha tell me about it. My first try took 13 hours. Our most recent run through was 53 mins. #improvement

Wow. mad props dude. Yeah im on the 360. I want the one, but no money. I would be a higher level I think, but I missed the vender 3 weeks and I’ve been saving coins and what not for engrams and stuff from him. I have like, 50 of each now. XD

Yeah forgot to mention I’m on Ps4.

I can literally not help you then. XD Exepct on if you want to join a clan.

I do not understand how people get so good and level up so high on this game. I am terrible at FPS…

destiny’s leveling is a little different, and on the fps…yeah. You either rock at them or don’t. Like my friend has more games than I ever will, but almost no fps.

Started another Warlock yesterday. Grinded (ground?) All day to get him to 20 so I could beat Atheon on hard again easily before they add the bumpers. I’ve beat Ath on hard 5 times and everytime someone in my fireteam got a Mythoclast. I want one :’(

worlocks are nice, I like the sunsinger, but I just love my titan. All I want is a exotic auto rifle really bad.

IMO, Warlocks are the most fun to play. More and more I’m enjoying Sunsinger for PvP.

The only decent exotic AR out right now is the Suros Regime, but that’s getting nerfed in the next balance update. Since the scout rifle buff, they ROCK in the Crucible. As long as you can land the headshots, they’re amazing for midrange.

I like scout rifles, but only the ones that have the “You don’t need full trigger squeeze to fire this weapon”. Those fire like a dmr from reach and I love that. The regular fire rate I can’t use that well