Hey there, Guardians. So I bought Destiny on release day (along with an XB1 to play it on because who needs to pay for rent, amirite?) and I’ve logged close to 150 hours on it (because who needs to study for school, amirite?).

What are your thoughts on the game? Out of the gate, it’s already received some pretty bad reviews averaging around 7-7.5/10. The campaign was garbage (I’m so sick of defending Dinklebot) and 3 weeks later it already feels like I’ve played the game 40 times because of the incredibly repetitive strikes and missions.

PVP isn’t too bad, but I guess I was expecting something more akin to Halo. It isn’t as rawly competitive as I hoped it’d be. The uneven playing field isn’t really my style and I’m really looking forward to the shotty/auto rifle nerf. Yeah, I’m a hypocrite; I use SUROS Regime. It’s incredibly OP and pulse rifles, as of right now, can’t compare.

And I really hope they fix RNG loot. I beat the raid and didn’t get a single piece of armor or a weapon. Not even the frickin’ shader which WAS THE ONLY THING I WANTED. I’m definitely excited for the next raid, though. This one was incredibly challenging but also fun.

I’m a level 28 (saving my shards for better gear) Warlock. How about you folks?

I haven’t played Destiny, but I feel it may be overhyped. I’m sure on it’s own it might be a good game, but probably not what people were expecting.

Same thing happened with Diablo III, although it legitimately wasn’t “that” great of a game at all at launch, so to be fair, I wasn’t really expecting anything different coming from Activision. Overhype a game, sell as many copies as possible, attempt to fix it up later depending on sales.

Aren’t patches Bungies decision?