Global Agenda free to play shooter

Hey guys so I recently started playing Global agenda again I was super into it a couple years ago but then I quit cuz my account got hacked but I just made a new account and this game is a ton of fun there’s only one problem the game is almost dead only a few people play but what if a bunch of you guys from YYE started to play? we could all run missions together and I think it would be a lot of fun and the game is free so what do you have to lose you can get it on steam or here here direclty from hirez. so come on and play.

I’ve played it once~ It had a nice dynamic style of gameplay and it was really something new. I kinda frayed from it after it got tedious (the grinding); however, I loved the PvP~ It was amazing, period. I might pick it up again someday.

Eh, I’ll download it.

It’s plays a lot like what Destiny plays like, just 4 years before.


Never played destiny but I’ve heard a ton about it so it must be good