Just wondering what happens at the second bit in desperado, after you have thrown the string over your hand and caught the yoyo on the front string.

0.43 - 1.00

Just can’t seem to get it down!!

The key phrase is “Don’t catch the slack, insert your finger in the loop connected to the yoyo.”

If you’re used to a Brother Slack-style throw and catch of slack, then this move will probably be sort of counter-intuitive. You don’t want to catch the slack; you want to put your throwhand index finger into the loop on your freehand index. Just trying it a little bit I found it very hard to get my finger into that tiny loop, but I guess with practice it comes naturally. You will end up in a sort of plucked Trapeze (like the one you start out White Buddha with) if you do the move correctly.

it’s kinda of wierd because if i dont do it quick enough the slack seems to come undone and i missed my shot, oh well I will keep trying it!

My trick :slight_smile: Glad someone’s working on it!

That’s my main gripe with the trick as well, that second swing really is the hardest part. Practice is all it is!