Help With Certain Slack Trick


I have been working on suicides for three weeks and i keep catching the string in a fist instead of on my finger. I always seem to grab the string. I tried literally taping my hand. Nothing is working. Any tips?

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What a name for a trick/title huh?

What seems to help for me is pushing down my throwhand after the loop comes around to open it up.


Try throwing the loop, but not trying to catch it. The problem you are having is muscle memory. Got to try something drastically different like not even catching it. Once you do this for awhile (maybe a week) go back to teaching yourself correctly with pointer finger catch.


Thanks, I will try this


Now I am letting the string go all the way around while I put my finger in position to catch instead of trying to catch it.


Cool now try to aim the loop so it lands on the finger.


Try just watching the loop, don’t catch, I like that, find where the loop seems to be the most open each time, catch it there!! When I first started this trick, I found I had to catch it high to pull it off first. You’ll find slight adjustments to the throw hand help, instead of releasing the loop from a “finger” to start, having the loop started on your “whole hand” instead, can help keep it open.


This should help. Lol just kidding. I’m of no use to actually answer the question. The only advice I can give is to keep at it and you will get it eventually. I just thought people would get a kick out of this picture especially considering the post title. Lol :joy:


Thanks to everyone, I just landed it twice in a row and getting better. Hopefully topic can help any future learners.


Sweet!! I just landed 9 in a row on my CLYW Scout. New record for me :slight_smile:

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