deshielding protostar

I need to remove both of the shields from my protostar but i dont know how. I have seem the demonstration video but that method doesn’t work, even if it does, how do get the other shield off? Does anyone know other methods?

You have to remove the spacers first. Then you can get to the shields.

It’s difficult, takes some time and patience as well.

I’ve removed many bearing shields in my time, but some are just far more stubborn than others. Well, the c-clamps are stubborn, the shields fall off when you get the clamps out.

It really helps to have a magnifying glass the first time. That way you can see the gap in the c-clip and watch everything as it comes apart.

So I’d recommend a magnifying glass and watch the vids a few more time. After you experience the process yourself, you will be able to do it much more easily.

The forum member, “buttersock” is a genie at de-shielding bearings, shoot him a private message.