Description questions

I’ve been wondering:
What does “spins like a truck” mean?
What are the pros an cons of a wider than normal yoyo?

(as you can tell, these are basically equilateral oriented questions)

Rolls like a truck:
Spins a long, LONG time, and stays spinning strong.

Pros of a wide yoyo:
Well, it depends how it is weighted. Most tend to be rim-weighted, which is what you want. The width gives more stability for horizontal play.
Cons: It’s not as comfortable in the hand and some people find them harder to throw. However, this con is quickly negated as most players can adjust to this fast.
Super tight formations can be more difficult with wider than normal yoyos, but is even more so if you have tiny hands.
The above cons are worse on the truly super-wide yoyos. However one can learn to adjust for tehse issues.

The Equilateral is my favorite YYF by far. I really like this yoyo a lot. Did you get yous in a Mystery Box? I paid full price. I have no regrets. It was totally worth what I paid for it and I’d gladly get a second if they came in a different color. The red is great, but the spotted I can’t stand the looks of.

Nope just missed it :confused: trying to get one off bst though :slight_smile:

I would wait a bit until everyone receives their mystery boxes. You’re bound to get a lot of them for sale. :slight_smile: