Derek's String: A review.


Well, I’ve recently noticed I’m getting some homemade string from other people, and I don’t want to be selfish and just play them. I’m going to try not to mention Elements, or give this string a bad rating because I make Elements. This review will be completely honest. So, lets move on…

I’ve recently received some string from Derek (yoyolvr). I also traded some Elements for ane sample of his string at redondo about a month back. That string lay unplayed for about 2 weeks, but then I was randomely looking in my case for some new string to try. I looked at this yellow string and was puzzled, then I remember I traded for it at redondo. I played the string, and while I am doing that, I get a PM from Derek saying if I want some more strings. I’m not going to say no to free strings, so he sent me some, and about when I wore out the one I was playing before, the strings are in my mailbox. The string I started using 2 weeks before, wore out 2 weeks later. That’s a long lasting string!

I finally open the envelope, and find four strings. I also found a letter. It said:


Here are the strings. 2 of them are thin & 2 are a little thicker. Tell me what you think. They are 90% poly and 10% mistery thread. Its a little secret. It makes them smooth& a litle spongy. Please tell me your likes and dislikes.


I’m not going to beg to know what the secret thread is, since I have a small secret I don’t want to share. And I compared the strings, and there wasn’t much of a diference in thickness. That’s enough introduction, let move on…

First impressions:

At first, this string is well…soft, and a bit spongy. Reminds me of Chaos. It also has some bright colors to it.

The play:

I got to play it for the first time, and there wasn’t friction, its like the string isn’t there. Once you use it for about 3 days, it get a little rough, but nothing like a REALLY rough string. Like a broken in Highlight, maybe. After a week, it was rougher, but still prety soft. Once it starts to wear out, after about 2 weks, it isn’t too soft anymore, but it still plays really well. I also like how it lasts for a really long time.

The tention wasn’t the best thing ever, but it held tention quite well. I didn’t like that it was made for lefty yoyoers, but I didn’t really care too much, since I got use to it during the first 3 days. You’ll find out how tention works after a while.

For slacks, it works like a charm. As well as Suisides and lacerations.


This is a great string. I highly reccomend trying some.

Tell me if you’d like me to add anything.
Hope you liked the review!