Delta Throw Technologies Presents "The Yukon" Sketch

I’ll be posting this in the official thread soon.

Anyway, don’t get amazingly hyped right now. This yoyo won’t even proto’d until late '11. It’s a big step for the company, and we’ve got 2 other aluminum throws planned before it.

Anyway, specs are there. Anno color means (if you dont’ already know), just the natural color of Titanium.

CAD will be up eventually.

Interesting Specs, I don’t know if I like the shape due to the grooved catch zone. Another think I think MIGHT be an issue unless you have a very strict thread tolerance is the axle may be a bit short, or perhaps make the thread go all the way through. Just my two cents, but I like where this may be going. I’ll keep an eye on it, I’ve never played a Titanium yoyo before.

I’ll be thickening :slight_smile: Don’t worry.


Looks nice. Can spot a bunch of problems but I already let you know them on the chat.

New Version :slight_smile:

You still have some issues with the weight placement. That thing wouldn’t have a whole lot of weight. I would suggest losing some rim and beefing up the middle where it is super thin.

Not on Titanium. And, rim weight’s where it’s at.

Yeah dont listen to Cameron. It looks solid. Axle may be a problem. Might consider allowing it to protrude and using matadors or something if thats the case.

Didn’t know it is titanium, but Mi is right axel should be bigger. Unless for some reason you like small axles like YYF

Very, Very Nice. IMO the axle should be fine. I mean the axle in this yoyo is probably going to be similar size to the SCLB and No. 9. And that looks rathe lights as a yoyo. Any specs on weight?

He has specs, and you can’t determine weight until a CAD is made. Also the small axles are just an iffy little thing.
And DG, if you want I can make this one for you? I am open for a while.