Hello all,

I have a few things for sale or trade. I use paypal and will ship priority for out side US we will talk. Keep scrolling more will come. Everything on here as of 12/20/2013 for $110 shipped.

Small or mid size
Not really wide
Solid not really floaty
I like clyw, but love Onedrop
Werrd minute*
Yoyofficer Imp**
YYF Northstar**

1 YYF delrin severe. It is mint. It still has the centre trac bearing response was replaced. 35 shipped. OBO
Will trade for a YYF Northstar.

YYF Protostar MIB $35 shipped OBO will trade for a YYF Northstar.

Mint magic yoyo n9 amazing player no stacks. 20 shipped.
YYJ legacy no damage other then the bearing seats are a little scratched up no biggy. 13 shipped.
Duncan Raptor one half has a little of the ano rubbed off. If your interested I can send more pics. 25 shipped

All three for 50 shipped.

YYJ Trigger mint great throw just not for me. 20 shipped
Asteroid small black smudge marker I think it will come off with some acetone no problem add to anything for only 8.

YYJ Dark magic 2 bearing seats cracked on one side and missing a piece on the other still plays well just some vibe. 20


It’s my birthday! Bump!