DELETE forum time with gentry

Get ride of it. He does not come on here anymore. Put a forum time with Zach or something.

it does appear to be as dead as dead could be…

Yeah, It was a one time thing but we wanted to leave it up so people could see the answers. We can probably take it down or archive it at this point. Thanks!

Who ever did it, Thanks! looks better already! :slight_smile:

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Glad you like it! We’re hoping to add more Forum chats w/ Pros in the future!


Save forum time with gentry!

You know @YoYoExpertGarrett it would be awesome to have forum time with another pro one of these days :grin:

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That’s the plan! Who should be next?! :wink:

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I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Eric Koloski. He’ll probably do it.


Jake ‘shineyhead’ Elliot

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I second this, he seems awesome and I loved his reddit post that went somewhat viral a few months back!


Heh, I had trouble loading that:

I’m a world champion yoyo player. People who use low thread count yoyo strings are using objectively worse equipment.

If you’re actually serious about getting competitive, use high thread count spun polyester yoyo string, or if you’re really fancy, a spun polyester/monofilament polyester blend.

I’m willing to fight anyone who disagrees.

Edit: Link for proof

(there is no link, though) and followup

I’m of the opinion that yoyo players focus too much on contests and not enough on having fun. If using cheaper equipment works for you, I’d say that’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing. Yoyo players shouldn’t feel obligated to be as good as possible - just have fun.

That being said, I posted my intentionally elitist, obscure, and esoteric comment because I thought it would get a good reaction from other people in the thread. Looks like it brought a good amount of people here, so mission accomplished!

Nice one @Jake_Elliott :wink:

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