Defeat the storm with YOYO


So over an hour ago a storm breaks out of nowhere at 6:30! Rumbles of thunder, flashes of lightnings, blasting winds and rain. Severe thunderstorm warning pops up on the TV to end at 8:00. The electricity starts to flicker on and off then shuts off altogether.

What do I do? I g out my iPad and speakers, start listning to my fav songs to yoyo too, blast the volume up to drown the thunder, get out my funnest throw, the severe 2010, and start throwing… Im playing fast to the upbeat and fast music, moving around, jumping when i do eli hops, goin with the music, im just throwing and having a blast.

Doing tricks im not too good at all over the place like wrist mount boingy boing, trick binds, regens, etc. and going all out… Thunder booming trying to overcome my music, flashes of lightning, and bursts of rain crashing outside just adding to the effect of my yoyoing.

Having an epic time, then half an hour later, the storm intensifies, eardefening thunder, bright white flashes of lightning, and rain pouring out of the sky crashing down to the ground, i raise the volume of the music and i throw harder, i play faster, im going all over the place…

Then half an hour after that, 7:30ish, electricity comes back on and the storm is starting to slowly pass by. I throw to one more song, and stop… I smile, fall to the ground laying there, breathing hard, im soaking wet from sweating, Ive never had so much fun during a storm or throwing in general…

As a result, my regens have smoothened out a bet, trick binds are smoother, i can do a consistent wrist mount boingy boing, along with slight improvement with other tricks, Ive defeated the storm, and had a blast doing it. And now I’m sitting here typing up my story…


You had quite an adventure, didn’t you


Wow that must have been a nasty storm on another hand great for you and your better Yoyo skills!!


Yea, ground was shaking and everything…


Now that sounds like an awesome yoyoing session.



(WildCat23) #7

Not until you yoyo in the thunderstorm.


Yo, i didnt just yoyo in thethunderstorm i finishedthe thunderstorm… Went straight outside, raised my severe aove my head, and the sky gods shot a lightning bolt straight at my severe, deflected back at the sky god, and ended the storm… And a raw lightning bolt form was all that was left of the feat…


Ive had a session like this :smiley: i was doing somersaults front handsprings and flips all over the place, it got very tiring and i got itchy from the grass but i have never thrown so hard in my life. Love just feeling that music oowww!